Friday, May 21, 2010

Ridge Racer Touchscreen Java Game For LG GD510 POP

Ridge Racer  For LG GD510 POP

Ridge Race Drift is a nice Java racing game for Java based touch screen mobile device LG GD510 POP and Cookie PEP. Ridge Race drift game is based on legendary Namco arcade racing series.

Ridge Race Drift features several unique game modes, tracks and high performance racing machines. Play in Grand Prix mode and your success will be rewarded with unlockable bonus items and trophies. Beat your opponents to unlock new tracks and cars on your way to winning the ultimate prize, the Grand Prix. Available achievements are-

1. Complete a race without a collision.
2. Finish the race in first place.
3. Driving a distance of 5,25, 50 Km.

Your achievements will be displayed in the Trophy room, where you can view them and remember hard earned victory. Also try single race mode, tailored for those who just want to get into the race and enjoy the ride. Choosing this mode will plunge you directly into a world of insane speed and fuming tire smoke. Now enter the world of Ridge Racer!

Ridge Race Drift game is developed by Namco Mobile. The game supports multiple languages. As you can see from the pictures of the game, it has nice graphics and sound effects. The game works in full screen landscape only mode.

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Download Ridge Racer Game For LG GD510 POP from the following link
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